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In the last few years as the World Wide Web has grown, I have made it a priority to develop the skills necessary to continue to aid those needing to access information. In each project, my goal has been to evaluate the need for information and then develop a framework for organizing the content to allow for ease of access.

Web sites I am currently responsible for maintaining include:

Indexer's Favorite Links
My personal list of links useful as I browse the Web or site my children may find useful. Created as an extension of my bookmarks list, it provides annotations to aid in differentiating between sites. It placed third in the Australian Society of Indexers first Annual Web Indexing competition in 1996.

Marshallton United Methodist Church West Chester, Pennsylvania
Site to acquaint the local community with the facilities and programs of the church community.

Vacation Bible School Planning
Web site which developed out of my interest in planning Vacation Bible School for the children in my church community. More than 24,000 visited the site between late March 1998 and November 1999.


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