Information about Indexing

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Do you or your employees spend time searching your documents for information you know exists but is irretrievable?

Do clients call asking questions you know are answered in the supporting documents you provide?

Answering "yes" to either of these questions may mean that investing in index creation will allow for more productive use of your time.

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Why Use a Professional Indexer?

"Professional indexers have the advantages of objectivity and experience in many fields of interest and scholarship...[They] have mastered the craft of indexing,...and are accustomed to timely delivery of their product."

Index or a Concordance ?

Computer programs exist which record every occurrence of words (not on an exclusion list) which then are sorted in alphabetical order. Such a printout "cannot in any way substitute for a real index prepared with the aid of human intelligence ....The decisions required [to create an index] are of a far higher order than computers are yet capable of."

[quotations from Chicago Manual of Style,1993]

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My Qualifications

More than thirty years of professional experience organizing and accessing information, including

Diversified subject background in computer software; business; social sciences

Formal education:

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